Tuesday, February 26, 2008

how these schools handling activities .............?

As all know , extra -cirricular activities will help nurture and discipline that will help discipline student from primary and secondary schools . During these activities that students are indirectly being trained for leadership style , teamwork and problem activities ........... How frequent are students participating and what is the time allocation given for each activity ? (For information students have to take part in one uniformed body , one club / society and one sport ) . Our children are energetic and active . Many look forward to contribute and involve themselves .
But what are the schools and Education Ministry doing to tackle many these dynamic and enthusiatic children ........... The schools are having their activities on Saturdays or second and fourth Saturdays . Minus the holidays each student only doing such activities 10 times per year ................ Will he be a capable and responsible or a ledership ................. Its worse in primary schools . A primary school , that i know in Shah Alam recently stated its first extra curricular activities for a uniformed body for one and a-half hours from four p.m to five and half p.m .
The other extra -curricular activities the example is ( CLUBS / SOCIETES AND SPORTS ) . Will be on by the following weeks . By the time they have another meeting for this uniformed body . I think these poor primary school chilren aged are between 10 year's and 12 year's old will will forget what happened in their previous lesson .
Can anyone from the Education Ministry advise what criteria that the schools should use for the activities to start .......... Billions od rinngit has been allocated to the ministry to empower primary and secondary school students . I wish the Education Minister would help our young , active , eager youngsters by allowing more time for thier activities .